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Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

Let’s Start With The Obvious...

If you are
trying to get pregnant and have not yet had success, then you will be riding an emotional roller coaster. However, you are not alone. Statistics show that over 40% of couples trying to conceive undergo some form of fertility treatment. As a fertility consultant, every day people ask me the question "Why can't I get pregnant?". In most cases my answer is simple - you CAN get pregnant! You can get pregnant without spending upwards of $15000 on infertility treatments and in most cases without fertility drugs.

First, let me start with your diet. Often the people asking me "Why can't I get pregnant?" are already taking a folic acid supplement. This is a great start. Folic acid prevents spina bifida and assists in the development of your babies nervous system, but it does not aide in getting you pregnant. It is important to tidy up your pre
pregnancy diet when trying to conceive, as a poor pregnancy diet and excessive weight will lower your chances of getting pregnant fast.

Eat fresh food, low in saturated fats and chemicals. You want your body to be in as good shape as possible. I advise my clients to eat a diet high in protein from nuts and fish. With so many additional minerals found in these, your body will flourish and so will your reproductive organs! There are e-books packed with information on the importance of diet when pregnant and trying to conceive, take the review below for the best ones around.

My next tip is that if you smoke or drink, you seriously need to stop while trying to get pregnant. Statistics show that people who smoke or drink alcohol can take up to ten months longer to get pregnant than those who don't.

Continued below....

Smoking will impair ovulation and fallopian tube function. If you are asking "Why cant I get pregnant?", but you are still smoking, then give up now. Drinking alcohol has numerous negative effects on the bodies of both women and men who are trying to conceive. The most important factor relevant to you getting pregnant, is that alcohol affects the body's PH levels, leaving your body in an acidic state. The human body and reproductive systems function better in an alkaline state, so if you are seriously trying to get pregnant, then you should avoid cigarettes and alcohol. You will need to give them both up when you get pregnant anyway.

Why Can't I Get Pregnant Again?

My next point is important for women who have not had a baby before, and also for those asking the question "Why can't I get pregnant again?". If your partner smokes or drinks, then his sperm will be affected, both in numbers and in sluggishness or speed. In so many cases it is not the lifestyle of the woman which is the problem, it is the lifestyle of her man! If you have been trying to conceive for more than six months, have a sperm analysis done. It costs less than $500 and it solves many emotional problems and stress on women. It is not always the woman's body which is the problem yet women automatically blame themselves.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

One of the reasons that you may be having trouble conceiving could be the condition of PCOS which affects 10-15% of women who are reproductive age. It is condition of cysts accumulating on the ovaries and affecting hormone production. Signs that you may have this disorder are: severe acne, excessive facial and body hair, obesity and irregular periods.

There are treatments for getting pregnant with PCOS available using drugs which stimulate ovulation and a lot of people with PCOS pay for IVF. I have seen much success in people with PCOS and pregnancy from women using less expensive and more natural methods.

Tips For Getting Pregnant

I have cases of young women coming to my clinic and asking "Why Can't I get pregnant at 20?" or even "Why can't I get pregnant at 18?". Here are some of the best
tips for getting pregnant;

If you are young and trying to get pregnant, then gain as much knowledge about getting pregnant as you can before you panic. The first step is to track your time of ovulation. You can purchase kits which tell you the exact day you ovulate for under $50. Most women ovulate on day 12 - 17 (day one is the first day of your period), but using a kit will give an accurate date. When you are ovulating, have intercourse only once on that day, and once on the three days after.

Clean up your lifestyle. As a young person you are at risk of heavy drinking and smoking and living on an unhealthy diet. This will affect your ability to conceive. If after six months of tracking your ovulation you are not pregnant, then seek further assistance.

If you are serious about getting pregnant then take a look at the list of e-books I recommend. Most of them come with forums for invaluable support and knowledge and they are cheap. The books on my list are not just new on the market, they have had years of success in helping to create life. Check them out and good luck!

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