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For expectant mothers and fathers, the worrying and sleepless nights begins from the moment you learn that you're pregnant; after all, now you're responsible for somebody else's life.

Whether you're concerned about making sure that the foods that you're taking in are providing the proper nutrition to ensure that you're giving your baby the best possible start in life or worried about whether it's safe for your baby if you continue taking a specific medication, you want all of the information available to you from a trustworthy source.

The website safefetus.com was recently developed specifically to help you with your need for this information. With its comprehensive medication directory, prenatal and postnatal nutritional guide and a special page dedicated to the safety of the maternal environment, it is a valuable resource that addresses many pertinent concerns.


Whether you're trying to determine exactly what the pregnancy super foods are and what they do for you and your baby, or just trying to eat without the relentless nausea that follows you around all day, the safefetus website has complete information for you.

From the best foods to combat morning sickness to the foods that will give you the most energy and vigor, to what foods to stay away from for the health of your baby, the website provides lists of dos and donts and the reasons why that will become your go to source for pregnancy nutrition.

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And even after the baby is born, the website's section on baby nutrition will also be there to help you with how to make sure you're eating the right foods for breastfeeding, and even pediatric nutritional information that is specifically geared to helping your baby grow big and strong.

Drug Search

One of the most valuable sections of the SafeFetus website is the tab labeled drug search. Ingesting unsafe chemicals of any kind is on the top of every expectant mother's list of what not to do when you're pregnant, but that doesn't change the fact that there are occasions when it is necessary for a woman who is pregnant to take medication.

If you just have a cold or a headache or sore throat, or something that just requires an over the counter medication, you don't want to bother your obstetrician to check to see if a medication is safe, but you still need to know - the same is true for any medications, ointments or treatments that you may be taking for chronic conditions.

The SafeFetus Drug Search enables you to input the name of any medication and get immediate feedback about whether the drug that you searched in its database is safe for you to take during your pregnancy.

Searches are performed by the medication's trade name, and the results not only show whether it is safe to take during pregnancy, but also the drug's generic name, other trade names that it goes by, its risk category,what it's used for, and whether it's okay to take during breastfeeding.

Medical Professionals

Whether you are using the Safe Fetus program to check the nutritional value of your pregnancy diet, to check on environmental toxins you may be exposed to or to look up a specific medication, it is nice for expectant parents to know that the information on the site, though not to be used in place of your own physician's advice, is set up by a team of pharmacists and physicians whose mission is to protect the health of your baby.

All of the information on their site is a result of culling research studies from all over the world.

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