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IVF Process


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process of creating a (test tube) baby outside of the womb in the lab and then implanting this embryo back into the mother. It takes away the usual chance of conception by pre-fertilizing the egg, however
IVF success rates are still very low because more often than not the embryos don't stick or stay inside the womb. In this article I'll explain very simply the whole IVF process from start to finish in plain english.


The whole IVF process takes place within one menstrual cycle. For most women this is around 28 days, although some women may have longer or irregular periods. This needs to be something that you need to know beforehand so monitor this over the months preceding the IVF treatment. The first step involves getting a fertility assessment for both you and your hubby. This includes looking at the condition of your fallopian tubes and making sure they're in god working order. The gold standard for assessment of tubal condition is by laparoscopy (keyhole examination).

Back up or alternative techniques include x-ray and ultrasound. Men also need to get tested. A sperm sample is analyzed for mobility and virility. This is to determine whether there is a need for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), whereby the sperm is actually injected into the egg directly. Less mobile or virile sperm will need a hand to fertilize the egg, thereby requiring ICSI.

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IVF Process Start To Finish

Once the initial testing is done, usually just a formality, the first step in the IVF process is to meet with the nurse who will give you follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) drugs. These drugs usually need to injected directly into the gut every morning for around 2 weeks leading up to ovulation. This all takes place right at the start of your menstrual cycle, just after a period.

The purpose of FSH is to stimulate the release of more than, the regular, one egg. The effect of the FSH on egg growth will be monitored constantly during this time with scheduled ultrasound examinations.


The next step in the IVF process is the egg retrieval. This is a short operation which is usually conducted in theater involving the specialist surgeon and a anaesthesiologist. It basically involves inserting a needle into your vaginal wall and sucking out the eggs. The aim of this part of the IVF process is to hopefully harvest as many healthy eggs as possible. If the FSH has worked as it should have then you should have at least ten eggs to work with.

Final Steps

The final two steps in the IVF process is firstly to combine the egg and sperm in the lab to make your test tube baby, or more specifically Petri dish baby. The fertilized eggs are observed carefully to determine health and virility. The best looking embryos will be chosen for implantation into your uterus.

This process is very straight forward not involving surgery or and medical staff. Once this is done it's simply a matter of waiting and monitoring to see whether the embryo holds. One fact that most people don't know about the whole IVF process is that IVF success rates statistics are only taken from the implantation stage of the treatment.

A lot of couples don't even make it to this stage, which requires another round of FSH injections. The reported IVF success rates would be much lower if these people were included.

A Brief Explanation of the IVF Process

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