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First Response Ovulation Test

One of the most accurate and popular ways of increasing your chances of getting pregnant is by tracking your ovulation. This is because the only way to get pregnant is to have the sperm arrive at the same time as the egg in the fallopian tubes so that fertilization can take place. Although most women can guess when they ovulate based upon the number of days in her cycle and calculating what the average middle is, ovulation is not as clear cut as that. Being able to determine exactly when the egg is released is one of the absolutely best tools for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Test Strips

Ovulation Test Kits make it very convenient for couples who are trying to get pregnant to pinpoint exactly when the best time is for them to try to conceive, because they let them know exactly when the woman is at her most fertile. The First Response Ovulation Tests come in three different formats - one is the standard Ovulation Kit, which provides a week's worth of test strips to be used in the middle of your cycle.

The First Response Daily Ovulation Test is designed for women whose periods are less regular, and provides twenty days worth of strips - that way you can start checking to see if you are fertile as soon as your menstruation is over, this will prevent you from missing your opportunity if your most fertile time is not in the middle of the month. Finally, First Response also has their newest product, the Unmistakable Yes/No Digital Ovulation Kit, which tracks a woman's LH levels during the course of the month rather than searching for a level that is based upon a national average.  

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This is the most advanced test that First Response offers. All three kits involve testing urine for the levels of LH (luteinizing hormone), which is the chemical that will appear in a surge when your body is about to ovulate.


The beauty of using the First Response Ovulation Test Kit is that it is set to have a sensitivity level that exactly detects when the LH levels in your body surge to the optimal level. LH is also known as luteinizing hormone - it is the chemical that your body releases that sends a message to your ovaries to release the mature egg. When the Luteinizing Hormone is present at its highest levels, you are approaching your optimal time for conception, and you should start trying to get pregnant within twenty four to thirty six hours of the test providing you with a positive response. The First Response Ovulation Test Kit is ninety five percent accurate for the detection of luteinizing hormone, and provides you with the exact information you need to maximize your success.

Other Reviews

Despite the accuracy of the information provided by the First Response Ovulation Test, some of the people who have used it when they were trying to get pregnant have been less than satified. Many women have reported that the test results are difficult to understand, and they also complain that once a package is open it must be used within thirty days or the results will no longer be accurate.

That being said, there are also many women who found the tests very convenient, especially because they are available for purchase at local drug stores, convenience stores and general merchandise stores like Walmart and Target, and also for the ability to test in the privacy of their own homes rather than pursuing expensive fertility testing at a physician's office. For women who are simply looking to give themselves a bit of an advantage and the ability to know exactly when they are ovulating, this test has provided all that they need.

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