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IVF Cost

This article is going to breakdown the IVF cost for you so you can more fully understand why it costs so much. I'll also talk about the cost of IVF here in the states and also in India where more and more people are going because it's cheaper.

Remember that if you're trying to get pregnant you should really only consider IVF as a last resort, once you have tried everything else that you possibly can, because the extreme costs coupled with the poor ivf success rates make the treatment one of the worst performers in the pregnancy arena.


IVF cost is so high because of two main reasons. Firstly, the cost of the fertility drugs is very high and secondly the cost of the specialists is extremely high. The follicle stimulating hormone injections which you need to take daily for up to 2 weeks will cost you around a hundred bucks a pop, sometimes more.

The trigger shot you take on the last day will also cost you a few hundy, giving you a total of about two grand just on the fertility drugs. The numerous meetings and procedures involving the fertility doctors all contribute to the high cost of IVF. You'll also incur some fees for the anaesthesiologist, which have one of the highest rates in the medical world. The nurses, support staff and facilities also need to be paid for, so the IVF cost incorporates all of these costs. One of the good things about IVF is that the cost is normally a fixed price.

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The IVF clinics know exactly how much time and resources they'll need for the job so that's why they can offer the reassurance of a fixed price. The whole treatment is still very expensive but at lest you won't get any nasty surprises at the end.

In The US

The cost of IVF in the states can reach into the tens of thousands, more if you don't conceive on your first cycle. The best clinics have waiting lists and charge premium rates for absolutely everything. Fortunately for you there are lots of other, less popular but much more effective,
infertility treatments stateside which can show you how to get pregnant much more quickly and cheaply. Check out some of the top programs on our sidebar ranking chart.


The cost if IVF is up to 65% cheaper in India for two main reasons. The first one is that the cost of the fertility drugs is considerably cheaper and secondly because the cost of labour is cheaper. The doctors and specialists still get well paid, however the support staff and clinic staff get paid less because the cost of living is less in India and there's no such thing as minimum wage in Asia.


The only reason that IVF is so popular is because it is well known and is practiced by nearly all leading medical institutions throughout the world. However, don't be fooled into thinking that just because it's famous, that it's the best treatment.

Most specialists will tell you, and the information is also freely available, that IVF success rates are around 50% at best. This is NOT a good success rate considering the cost of IVF.

Just to make myself clear here, the Top 5 infertility treatments by success rate (listed on this site), have success rates over 88% and most of them cost under $50.

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